Cretacolor Refill Assortment Pkt of 6 x 5.6mm

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Cretacolor Refill Assortment Pkt of 6 x 5.6mm


These fantastic lead holders from Cretacolor give you better control while sketching, and help keep the lead off your hands for less mess. Choose from this Basic round wood finish lead holder, the comfortable ergonomic lead holder, the economical plastic one, or the sturdy resin lead holder. Each hold one 5.6mm drawing lead.

The Cretacolor Ecologic Wooden Lead Holder fits 5.6 mm round graphite and chalk sticks in a shape designed to fit easily in your hand while you draw. The varnished natural wood makes the holder as beautiful as it is functional.

Comes with a 2B grade graphite stick.

Ergonomic: The ergonomically shaped 5.6mm lead holder with a useful lead sharpener at the other end. Comes complete with a 2B Graphite lead

Cretacolor Classic Black 430 00 clutch – a simple, sturdy plastic leadholder. No frills – just a dimpled grip area and a pocket clip. Chunky 13.5mm diameter, 123mm long. Suitable for all 5.6mm graphite or art lead.

Cretacolor Leads:

Create bold strokes like a graphite stick, with the clean control of a mechanical pencil. These extra-thick leads are designed for use in the Cretacolor Lead Holder.Each sharpened stick is made of fine quality pure graphite from Austria. Sticks measure 12 cm long and 5.6 mm in diameter. Comes in boxes of 6 of one degree.

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Cretacolor Refill Assortment Pkt of 6 x 5.6mm

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