Headphone/Headset Wireless Colorful LED Lights

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Headphone/Headset Wireless Colorful LED Lights

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Experience the perfect union of style and convenience with our Bluetooth headphones, designed for today’s music fans. With an adjustable headband and soft cushion, your head will be well-cared for, while the pressure-relieving ear pads provide a cozy and calming effect. Our unique ear design, plus captivating LED lights, will make your audio journey come alive! Lose yourself in sound and dance away!

    Product Detail:

    • Driver unit: 40mm diameter
    • Support Wireless 5.0 version downwards
    • Compatible with 5.0 VERSION
    • Scope of work:10meters
    • USB charging cable: AC input 110-240- VDC input 5V
    • Talk time: 6 hours
    • Standby time: up to 15 hours
    • Operating frequency:2400-2483.5MHz
    • The output frequency:class2
    • Noise reduction technology: DPS
    • Digital signal process
    • support A2DP function
    • AVRCP remote control capabilities
    • Support automatic switchover to
    • incoming call function
    • With the end number redial function
    • Large and small volume abutment
    • Forward-backward selections feature a pause¬†function
    • Box Size: H” 7.2 Inches W” 5 Inches

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      Headphone/Headset Wireless Colorful LED Lights

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