Holi Neroli Decadent Moisturizer

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Holi Neroli Decadent Moisturizer

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Available in 100ml personal size and 10ml travel size roll on.

“Neroli, derived from the flowers of the bitter orange, is named after an Italian princess who used it as her favourite perfume. It is highly valued for its skincare properties and is particularly useful for dry, sensitive skin.Holi Neroli also contains:Orange which tones the skinPetitgrain which refreshesElemi and Frankincense help tone and rejuvenate mature skinBy the way, Holi Neroli gets its name from1) the fact that the whole orange tree can be found in this formula: blossom, fruit, leaves and twigs, and2) its hauntingly ethereal aroma”

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100ml, 10ml Roll On

Holi Neroli Decadent Moisturizer

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