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Marchantia polymorpha L To help us feel at ease and at one with our surroundings. This Lichen is actually a Liverwort, but it was decided to keep the name Lichen as it is familiar to people. We are part of the universe and the universe is a part of us, but when that relationship becomes strained, when we feel alienated from the source of our being, life can be very difficult and unrewarding. Indeed, in extreme circumstances we may feel that there is just no point in going on living. Lichen enables us to bond firmly once more with the universe and all that it contains, not only at the material level of physical earth, but also at the psychic and spiritual levels – all part of our birthright. This is not always an easy essence to take, as it may be uncomfortable for us to realize just how much we are a part of everything. Love is not always an easy thing so far as our ego is concerned, yet it is vital for our well-being and development. It is broad-reaching love that is carried in the messages of Lichen.

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