Lost Princess – Tales of Rebbe Nachman

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Lost Princess – Tales of Rebbe Nachman



8.5″ x 11.5″

60 Pages

Adapted by: Dovid Sears and Moshe Mykoff

Published by: Breslov Research Institute

For Children

Rebbe Nachman of Breslov was truly one of the most masterful storytellers of all time. “Others tell stories to put people to sleep,” he said, “but I tell stories to wake people up!” Hidden within are hints to the deepest truths of our existence, and how we can search for the Lost Princess in our own lives.Sometimes simple, sometimes intricate, yet always spellbinding, educational and inspirational, Rebbe Nachman’s tales speak of joy and hope, patience and loyalty, faith and truth, and much more. “The Lost Princess,” is the first of Rebbe Nachman’s famous thirteen tales.This full color book, is beautifully illustrated by Rabbi Dovid Sears and is truly a delightful read for children.


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Lost Princess - Tales of Rebbe Nachman

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