Olea™ Bar Spoon – Gunmetal Plated with Weighted Tip (50cm)

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Olea™ Bar Spoon – Gunmetal Plated with Weighted Tip (50cm)

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“Absolutely stunning” are the perfect words to describe this gorgeous Gunmetal Plated “Weighted” Tip Bar Spoon. One of the first editions to our line of Olea™ Elegant Bar Tools, this bar spoon is every master mixologists and professional bartenders dream bar tool. This high quality piece is constructed from a durable stainless steel material and then beautifully plated with a reflective Gunmetal finish. This bar spoon measures 50 centimeters from the teardrop shaped weighted tip, and then twists down the handle (for ultimate control and grip) to the spoon head. The weighted tip offers an amazing control element when in use, allowing the momentum to aid you in the stirring process. Bar spoons are used in many modern mixology recipes. They are commonly used to stir delicate spirits, being careful not to water them down by vigorously shaking and preserving the robust flavors. Bar Spoons also act as the perfect layering tool. If style and class are things you like to incorporate into your mixology skills, then this exquisite Gunmetal plated bar spoon is perfect to add to your bar tool lineup. Not Dishwasher Safe.Beyond comparable to other high end name brand bar tools, our Olea™ Elegant Bar Tool line will bring you the same quality and utility, but at a fraction on the cost.

  • Measures 50 centimeters
  • Gorgeous reflective Gunmetal plating
  • Extremely high quality construction
  • Ideal for Craft Bartenders and Master Mixologist’s
  • Showcases a twisted handle for ultimate control and grip
  • Weighted tip aids in more control and momentum when in use
  • Commonly used for stirring chilled cocktails and layering
  • All plated items are not dishwasher safe

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Olea™ Bar Spoon - Gunmetal Plated with Weighted Tip (50cm)

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