TAP No More Blanketweed

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TAP No More Blanketweed

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 Note this item is only suitable for a pond with good aeration and water movement                (Not advised for use in a Nature pond)No More Blanketweed from TAP is an infusion of natural minerals, enzymes and additives which when added to your pond will successfully control blanketweed.TAP – No More Blanketweed is safe to fish, plants and biological filters.Any initial cloudiness of the pond will clear within a few days and blanketweed should begin to disappear within a short time but allow up to 2 weeks. Repeat if blanketweed returns.

How to use No More Blanketweed

Simply mix the power with water in a bucket and pour into the pond.Use one heaped spoonful per 65 gallons, 300 litres – or double the dose for maximum effect.Any cloudiness will disappear after a few days and the blanketweed will begin to disappear in a short time.After using this product we then recommend using No More Pond Sludge.

Available in four sizes:

  • 500g (treats 5625L / 1250gal)
  • 1kg (treats 11,250L / 2500gal)
  • 2kg (treats 22,500L / 5000gal)
  • 4kg (treats 45,000L / 10,000gal)

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500g, 1kg, 2kg, 4kg, 10kg

TAP No More Blanketweed

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